Cielog, Centro Industrial e Logístico, is continuously dedicated in assuring to its customers the ideal infrastructure so that their companies can gain agility and increase their profits in an extremely competitive environment.

With more than 21.000m2 of sheds located and 80.000m2 available for future construction, CIELOG is considered the best option in the State of Paraná for storage and production of industrial products.

The common area project involved the care to recover the enterprise history with the use of ceramic in finishing. As, originally, the facility sheltered a ceramic product factory.


Below are some of CIELOG attitudes in favor of the sustainability:

  • Collection of rain water: water is stored in a water tank and reused for cleaning purposes
  • Use of natural illumination: the shed prioritizes the transparent roof to reduce waste of electric power
  • Separation of garbage for recycling
  • Sustainable administration
  • Preservation of green areas

CIELOG | Centro Industrial e Logístico BR 376 - Km 501 - Distrito Industrial - Ponta Grossa - PR Phone: +55 42 3025-5000