Structure and services


To satisfy high demanding customers, CIELOG works only with high resistance prestressed industrial floor, 6 ton/m2, with laser leveling.

In addition, CIELOG sheds have up to 12 meters of wall height that assure large storage capacity, this characteristic, together with the huge maneuver area and acceleration and slowdown lane on the highway result in agility for the operations and due to this a cost reduction and consequent increase of profits.


Built to Suit:

With the objective to offer the ideal structure for each customer, CIELOG works with the Built to Suit concept, and constructs sheds for location according to customer needs.

The term built to suit is widely spread in the high developed industrial areas. This solution offers a higher profitability to the business as it does not generate waste of resources.

At CIELOG you can configure the shed in: size, height, docks, refrigeration and floor resistance.

Work with the structure that your business needs and obtain higher productivity for your company.


Growth potential:

CIELOG has great expansion capacity and thus allows you to increase the structure of your business without dispersing your production or logistics units.

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CIELOG offers some services to promote the structure adequate for your clients and partners. Below are some of them:

  • 24 hrs armored gate
  • Shower for drivers
  • Cafeteria
  • Rest room
  • Health center
  • Truck and car parking lot
  • Landscaping
  • Monitoring cameras

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